While I am opposed to earmarks, and believe legislation should always be developed in general terms, my platform brings many potential benefits to the 4th District of Illinois.

  • Eliminates the Crawford and Fisk Coal Power Plants by modernizing our energy economy and transitioning our energy economy to one based on clean renewable green energy where the peak power requirements provided by those poisonous coal power plants is replaced by desert solar and household photovoltaic electricity.
  • My proposed moratorium on foreclosures ensures those living within the 4th District stay in their homes despite the predatory manipulations of the Real Estate market which led to the housing bubble and its eventual collapse.
  • Mass transit improvements to modernize, electrify, make more accessible, and otherwise upgrade our public transit infrastructure
  • Energy retrofits and replacement appliances to vastly improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs through passive heating, passive cooling, and new state-of-the-art lighting
  • Education reform to fund and empower our communities to raise up their own educational standards and economic policies which give our children a future and a reason to get excited about their own education
  • Corporate Reform including new workers cooperative corporations and federal chartering of interstate corporations
  • Immigration reform to end the callous deportations which divide and separate families within the district and negotiate a truly free and fair trade agreement for all of North America to ease migration throughout the continent
  • Eliminate hidden taxes and bring the commons back under public control for small businesses to large businesses and consumers so that our transportation, communications, energy, and insurance are all provided in an equitable and transparent manner with tight democratic oversight rather than by unaccountable oligarchical and oligopoly for-profit mega-corporations
  • End red-lining and other predatory financial and insurance practices which damage communities and real estate values within the district