• Climate Change: 2020 Vision discusses my vision for transforming our energy economy in just ten years from one dependent on fossil fuels to one virtually free from such economically and biologically unhealthy fuel.
  • Curtailing Exploitation describes some of the issues surrounding exploitation in the United States including some of the other problems it causes. When we need to explain to Americans why they should avoid their own exploitation for the good of our economy, it shows the selfless commitment of the American worker. However, the continuation of exploitation in America is indeed bringing our country down from the prosperous path we could otherwise enjoy.
  • Understanding Monetary, Insurance and Financial Reform Provides more details of my proposed monetary, insurance, and financial reforms including:
    1. restoring the power over money to Congress;
    2. providing an equitable, fair, and transparent electronic national electronic money and financial transaction and portfolio asset tracking system to lower the social costs of money and finance and to provide for decentralized and community based banking and finance;
    3. providing FDIC insured public savings instrument options used for loans to municipalities, student loans, mortgage lending, business bridge loans, and consumer credit;
    4. a National Credit Bureau to collect and share credit history incidents for everyone borrowing from the National Credit Union or other private lenders;
    5. a National Insurance Fund to provide funds for many of the core insurance risks facing Americans such as: medicare for all health insurance; agricultural product price insurance; flood insurance; vehicle insurance, building insurance; burial insurance.
  • Socialization of Natural Monopoly Resources discusses the many political and economic issues surrounding natural monopoly industry resources and the crucial role for government to act as the democratic proprietor and steward for our natural resources.
  • Illinois ‘Loyalty’ Oath considers the now optional loyalty oath which Illinois officials still ask candidates to submit which raises questions of their own loyalty to the US Constitution and the Illinois Constitution.
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