Below is a short summary of the key issues I feel are most important and carry the most immediate need for us to address. Other issues and more extensive explanations of the issue appear in the sidebar. However, the overall thrust of this campaign’s platform is to remove the pools of graft and corruption in government so that we no longer need to compete for the attention of our representatives with those able to out spend, out speak, and out parliamentary maneuver the vast majority of us. This platform is designed to let government slip into the background of our lives so that our communities can thrive and focus attention on their local needs, secure in the knowledge that their representatives serve the general welfare and not those who circle government like predators ready to dive on any opportunity to enrich or empower themselves (but without the majesty of the predatory birds).

My view is that a government contractor, for example, should find dealing with the government no more lucrative than dealing with any other buyer. Similarly, we must not allow private for-profit corporations to control natural monopoly industries since their success is not a measure of their virtue but merely an indication of their capture of government and their exclusive capture of that particular monopoly market sector. Finally, by allowing money to dominate our elections, political campaigns and news media, we surrender ourselves and our highest principles to the almighty dollar and so I want us to democratize and demonetize these segments of our society. In general, these principles stand behind the development of all of these key issues listed below and in the sidebar. Removing the pools for opportunism and ensuring equal access to government services and equal access to monopoly commercial services is the prime motivator behind this platform. Visitors should keep that motivation in mind while considering each issue. One other major and related motivator in crafting these policies, has been my objective to remove opportunities for monopoly market power. This is in contrast to the failed approach of the last century where opportunities for monopoly power are allowed and even encouraged. Then to counteract the overbearing monopoly power and excessive monopoly bureaucracy it brings, government responds with a large anti-trust regulatory bureaucracy, which simply compounds the problem. With regulatory capture, anti-trust regulation completely fails to address the problem of monopoly market power. These opportunities for monopoly power actually reflect another pool for opportunism, but one where the pool is often outside of government as lobbyists deluge lawmakers to ensure these opportunities for rent-seeking remain outside government and beyond the control of the electorate.

  • Depose the military-financial-industrial complex and the prison-industrial complex and restore democracy to the United States. The military and criminal justice system have grown to become too domineering within the US for us to achieve the true spirit of the US as inscribed in the US Constitution. Fear of others is used, in both cases, to excuse unprecedented wastes of resources and inappropriate levels of police power both domestically and around the World. We can achieve enormous reductions in government – both Federal and local – by targeting these sectors of government which have reached levels of expenditure that can only be described as extortion of the People (see Military Reform and Criminal Justice Reform).
  • Election and campaign finance reform to ensure public funding of political campaigns throughout the United States, especially through in-kind provision of direct-mail, broadcast time, and internet hosting (see Election Reform reform).
  • News media reform through a constitutional amendment to establish a fourth branch of government: a tribune branch and recapturing public control of our  communication network commons. This tribune branch will include constitutionally guaranteed funding resources for political tribunes to create and distribute media content where funds are awarded in proportion to the percent of their votes garnered throughout the United States every two years.
  • Pass HR 676 to bring single-payer Medicare-for-all to America which will bring down medical costs, improve the quality of our healthcare system, and free up resources for other endeavors (also see National Insurance Fund).
  • End the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring all of our troops home and out of harms way.
  • Real Immigration reform and fair trade policies: We must counter the attack on immigrants which is not only a direct racist and ethnic attack on immigrants, but also constitutes an attack on all American workers, since its primary effect is to create the conditions for a hyper-exploitation of undocumented workers – further suppressing the wages and degrading working conditions of other American workers working in or near these hyper-exploitative workplaces (see Immigration Reform).
  • Sustainable Transportation: We need a comprehensive shift in our national transportation system priorities to bring high-speed rail, rapid transit, buses, and other mass transportation systems to all of America and thus improve the infrastructure for bicycles and pedestrian based communities which will vastly decrease our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • End the Federal Reserve banking cartel, restore the Constitutionally granted power to originate money to the US Congress, and establish equal access to all Americans to the electronic monetary clearing system which the banking cartel currently shields for its own monopoly powers.
  • Democratic and equitable finance and insurance: Establish a National Credit Union, a National Credit Bureau and a National Insurance Fund to transparently administer these integral financial services for the benefit of all Americans with tight democratic oversight.
  • Socialize and democratize all inherent national monopoly industries to bring those services into transparent rather than opaque bureaucracies and subject them to the oversight of our most democratic institutions such as Congress at the federal level as well as state, county, and municipal legislative bodies at the local level. These natural monopoly industries and resources represent the commons upon which all our economy depends. To turn over these commons to for-profit private predatory ignoble corporations defrauds the people of their rightful access to the commons, unlawfully changes our government from a republican and democratic form to an authoritarian form, and alienates us all of our common and mutual property without due process.

Issue Recap:

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