Education policy should be handled at the community level. Federal involvement should only be protecting the rights of minorities and disadvantaged student populations and in providing some minimal curriculum requirements such as civics, the US Constitution and US History. Also the Federal government should provide an intellectual product repository for educational books, software, a/v presentations, and other academic materials for communities to contribute to and draw from as they see fit.

I support:

  1. A continued federal focus on ensuring equitable access to education through federally funded programs such as Head Start and the School Lunch Program and funding for learning disabled programs. I also support a federal role in oversight of governance and fiduciary responsibilities as well as ensuring equal protection and equal access to educational opportunities.
  2. a federally hosted repository for intellectual products to allow educators to collaborate on educational materials
  3. some Federal minimum guidelines for curricula in civics, US history, and the US Constitution
  4. a Federally funded incubator program to promote computer assisted craft production used to motivate abstract learning in schools and recreation centers which elect to participate.
  5. drastically reduced emphasis on: standardized testing; reductionist measures of educational outcomes; and teaching to the test