National Voter Number

I will sponsor legislation to make Social Security numbers also function as a national voter number. The number will be used minimally only to ease the registration process and to eliminate interstate voting registration discrepancies. Voter’s will only disclose their social security number to voter registration authorities and the number will not appear in any public way nor be printed on voter registration cards or other identification.

The deployment of our already existing social security numbers as national registration numbers eases the voter registration process to such an extent that registration can be handled with unprecedented ease: ensuring everyone’s participation in the democratic process.

Streamlined Federal voter registration system

I will introduce legislation that provides a unified system of voter registration throughout the US. For all citizens, the system will provide an easy way to register their voting eligibility within any precinct in the country. When relocating to another precinct – whether across town or across the country – simple relocation procedures will be provided. The presumption will be that if you are eligible to register, then registration should be as simple and as easy to accomplish as possible.

Development of Election and Voter Registration Systems

Electronic voting is actually a way to reclaim our election process and make it genuinely democratic again. Electronic registration and voting systems affords us security capabilities as well as auditing and verification procedures unparalleled with paper and other voting systems. I will therefore introduce legislation to establish a new Congressional office which will

  • host an open source software project
  • develop a corresponding software reference specification
  • develop a corresponding hardware reference platform

The system will:

  • include software capable of evaluating and testing the hardware on which it is running to ensure the hardware meets the hardware reference platform requirements and hardware capable of testing and verifying the software it is hosting;
  • provide a clear and rich graphical interface that ensures voters’ selections reflect their actual intentions;
  • provide a thorough ability to review all selections before finally submitting the ballot;
  • provide electronic receipts over standard wireless interfaces (such as BlueTooth);
  • provide a paper receipt through a simple receipt printer;
  • allow anyone to download electronically cast ballots to perform electronic audits and verify the ballot count, look for voting irregularities, and confirm actual cast ballots from receipt numbers

The software and system will also include the ability to maintain rosters of registered and eligible voters. Voters will be able to register online or in person according to the directives of the jurisdiction’s election commission (using the Voter Registration Number, ensures voters can only register in one jurisdiction at a time and ineligible voters and only ineligible are removed from the roster).

Eventually the system – including the open source software project –  could be made available for UN hosting and for use by any and all democratic governments around the World.

Get money out of elections

I would introduce legislation to create complete public funding of campaigns and eliminate private campaign finance entirely. Candidates and parties would be permitted equal access to television, radio, satellite, cable, internet and direct mail communications channels. Candidates and parties would also be granted a modest allowance for producing content for print, internet, video, and audio.  Volunteers could offer assistance with campaigns. Shared office space and office services would be offered to qualifying candidates during campaigns. Some specific in-kind contributions would also be permitted, particularly for the production of internet, print, video, and audio content. All qualified candidates would be provided with in-kind direct mail allowances through the US postal service. These steps help restore the tenets of democracy to our political campaigns and replace the one-dollar-one-vote system with one-person-one-vote as the Constitution intended.