(and not my opponents)

Both the Republican and Democratic parties have sold out  to corporations and corporatists and no longer represent the interests of the US electorate. Add to that the growing atrocities the two-party duopoly supports and it becomes even more important to awaken the US electorate from its slumber and reestablish a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Most of the issues the two-party duopoly uses to mesmerize voters are not issues that pertain to federal government when properly constituted or are simply nonsense.

Republican Party Malice

The Republicans clamor on about the deficit and the size of government, but over 70 cents of every tax dollar goes to the military and the Republicans refuse to cut the over-bloated military. Meanwhile the deficit is not due to poor fiscal discipline, but is the result of a genuine fiscal discipline which attempts to counteract the wildly perverse distribution of income where super-rich corporations must lend funds to working men and women who receive incomes insufficient to purchase what they have just produced.

Democratic Party Co-optation

The Democratic party makes promise after promise without ever delivering on those promises. The Democrats promised us genuine healthcare reform, but instead they resurrected a plan from Bob Dole to force insurance mandates on the uninsured: an unmistakable gift to the insurance sector. The Democrats also promise good government, but now routinely endorse the same corrupt practices of the Republican party to use government for the private interests of a few for-profit ignoble mega-corporations. These mega-corporations include a short-list of a few dozen defense contractors, the titans of insurance and finance, the oil industry giants, the railroads, the telecoms and the power companies: together these oligarchs wield power over the US and supplant the US Constitution.

Time for Real Change in Government

Both parties place the interests of Wall Street and a few other mega-coprorations over the interests of their own constituents and the general welfare of the US population.

In contrast to the willingness of my opponents to play the game as defined by the corporations, my knowledge and experience in economics and other areas of academia give me independent  knowledge of  the issues that isn’t only derived from think tanks, lobbyists and the Wall Street and mega-corporation elites.

We can see how the Republican challenger parrots Republican and Fox News talking points which are designed to mesmerize, propagandize and outright lie to the US electorate. Building an electoral strategy on a mountain of lies is no basis for a form of government.

On the other hand the Democratic incumbent has demonstrated through his votes and actions a fealty to the New Democrat vision of endless wars, Wall Street control of government, the mortgaging of our public education system to Wall Street interests, and the continual decline in the conditions of working men and women throughout the United States. Gutiérrez voted Yes on the TARP Wall Street bailout which essentially raided the public treasury to reward those Wall Street swindlers who brought the economy to the brink. Perhaps he bought into the hedge fund propagandists who insisted this was the only way to repair the damage. However, there were many other prudent and much more effective steps which Congress could have taken, but instead they – including Gutiérrez – simply did what ever Wall Street told them to do.

We need legislators in Washington that understand economics and finance but still stand up for the interest of the people of the United States. I have just the qualifications needed to take on the corporate elites and as a Green Party candidate I will never accept contributions from corporations nor kneel to the interests of corporatist and ignoble mega-corporations.